Chapter 16: High-profile projects

Public relations writers have more than just their everyday press releases, feature stories and media advisories to worry about. There are high-profile projects such as annual reports, events as well as exhibitions. This chapter discusses the importance in preparing each of these projects. My preferred area of public relations that I plan to go into is event planning, so I found all of this information extremely helpful.

All writing contents for an organization are important for fostering a relationship between the community and ones client, but these projects are especially important to give your best work because they are so large and have such a great impact. These projects are deadline driven and have a high cost too.

Annual reports recap the organizations activities during the past year. This includes a narrative and a financial section. I have taken accounting classes and have a minor in business administration so I feel i would be prepared if I ever have to do one of these.

Photo Credit: chacrebleu via Compfight cc

I most look forward to planning special events. Special events may include product launching, celebrate organizations anniversary, grand openings or a participant in at a conference. Writing skills will be required at all these things. Writers will need to inform the media in advance about these events and to get media coverage. Invitations for the public, employees and media also will be a responsibility for these events.

This chapter further gives me reason to believe I have picked the best career path for my future!


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