Summer classes

Photo Credit: Enokson via Compfight cc

After a long school year filled with stress, exams and long nights of studying, the approach of summer vacation is welcoming. No school just fun in the sun. Unfortunately for most like me, the possibility of graduating after eight semesters is slim to none. So we have to take summer school.

This summer I decided to take 16 credits. I just completed a week-long class in interracial communication, and will be taking a management class, case studies for public relations, small group communication and two kinesiology classes. With summer classes there are pros and cons; you get a more laid back course but at the same time have a shorter period to cover information usually a full semester takes. Also it cuts back free time you have in the summer.

I am personally glad to have enrolled in so many classes because I am dedicated and determined to graduate on time. After this summer I can apply for graduation and will be finished with college in May!

I recommend any student to consider taking college courses over the summer, not only are teachers more likely to give one on one help in the classroom, the environment in general is less stressful!


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