Interracial communication

This past week my educational experience was like no other I have had before. I enrolled myself in an accelerated class which was a week-long, nine hours a day.

Coming into that class I thought we would learn how to better communication with people of other races. It really ended up being geared toward black and white communication and peer teaching format. It was more personal stories teaching us and explaining why things like prejudice, racial profiling and others still exist.

Photo Credit: amd.unprocessed via Compfight cc

One concept I really learned was that it is not an issue to feel uncomfortable around people we don’t know of another race, it is just as if they were of the same culture as you. Just being around more people who are black and getting to know them will be great practice for the professional world.

In the public relations field there is going to be a wide diversity. I am glad I took this class because I know a little more from the black perspective and opinions about things. Knowing that I hopefully will be able to understand more people from that culture and it be easier to communicate with.

Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who are black, Indian, Native American. People I don’t know of other cultures and ethnicity I consider people I just haven’t gotten the time to meet yet. This class made me more open to expressing my opinions. These are good traits to have in today’s business environment. Take note that it was not just communication majors taking this course but also business, criminal justice, human resources, speech pathology and countless others.



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