I’ve missed running!

So this summer on top of my academic courses I am taking, I also am taking fitness classes. It is credit to get in shape! I am taking a running for fitness as well as personal shape up. Both are ten weeks long.

In my running class, which starts at 8 a.m., we test by running a timed mile every five weeks. My initial test was 8:45 minutes and my one I did today was 8:04 minutes. My intended goal this summer was to run under a eight minute mile, so I am getting close. We also run hill sprints around campus, go on scenic runs, as well as different exercises to get our heart rates up.

In my personal shape up, it may be summed up as really different circuits. We also do different things with a physio ball, which I recommend getting! You can purchase them at most stores for less that $20 dollars. We do ab workouts as well as strength, flexibility and agility.

As a track runner in high school, there is nothing more I miss during the spring and summer time than running trails and a track. I broke my foot last year in a car accident and had a long recovery time, and it feels great getting back into a routine!

For those of you in college wanting an “easy A” class, think about seeing what fitness classes are offered. If not just spend some time out in this wonderful summer weather!



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