New year, new chapter

In the past I have used this blog for class requirements and personal use.  I come back to you this year a little wiser, tech-savvy,  and almost done with college. I am going to use this blog to discuss public relations, social media content, and things that hopefully will interest you as much as they do me. Social media and public relations are ever-changing topics and I hope to present interesting articles and ideas. I am currently enrolled in a class called Social Media for Public Relations.  I hope to present some interesting finds!

I have created a twitter dedicated to these topics. Follow me @sbbrockman and you will have access to additional articles and information.

On a personal note, I am focusing on fitness, crafting, apartment/college living ideas, and may throw in a few sorority things here and there. Most importantly, I am interested in finding my first real job after college. I am just a few months shy of graduating, moving into my first own place, and job hunting in the PR field. It is going to be a wild few months and want to reuse this blog so that I will remember a few things during this busy semester! Below is a picture of myself bringing in the new year.


Look out 2014!


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