Sincerely Skype

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! I finally utilized my Skype account. My family lives accross the country and I was unable to visit my mother today.

Thanks to Skype technology, I was able to video call her and talk with her face to face. I have the Skype app on my phone as well as on my PC desktop. This was the first year living far away from my parents and getting to see her hold up the flowers I ordered her and see her beam sheer happiness is a great feeling.

I would recommend the app Skype to any college students wanting to keep touch with home, long distance relationships or business colleagues. I have also used Google Hangouts for group projects. It’s amazing the advancements in technology can do when it comes to communication!


Revamp the resume

Job seekers have more options than ever to create a resume. Employers receive sky-high stacks of cover letters and resumes. How can your resume stand out from all of the cookie cutters and not get lost in the shuffle? You have one opportunity to make a first impression. I will advise two ways to differentiate from other applicants.

First, work to improve what you already have. With a degree in PR, marketing or a related field, professionals thrive on promoting and communicating in a creative way. The same should apply with a resume. Correlate these elements within your resume and relay a message to potential employers showing what you’re capable of. It should display desired qualities such as being unique, creative and knowledge of design and the software to create it.

I looked at my resume I wrote last year before graduation. I hate to admit it, but it was dull. At my university’s Career Development Center they edited my information and condensed my entire professional and relevant experience into a basic format. The message between the lines of that resume was not me. I am not a run of the mill business graduate, I am a PR professional.

original resume

modified resume

modified resume

As you can see in my resume samples, my first attempt is nothing special. The font is basic and there is no creativity or color. I modified the resume to show design elements of alignment and a hint color. I also included varying fonts to differentiate informative sections and for my name to stand out. The resume below appears to be planned out and designed instead of minimal effort the left example displays.

Another way to get creative with a resume is to use a media format. I recommend making a resume video. Last year I created my very own and recommend wearing professional attire, have a sound proof room and test the light and sound. For an example of a video resume, check mine out on YouTube by clicking here.

Hope these ideas and examples are helpful!